Acid Free (Neutral pH) 無酸性(中性紙)

Acid-free papers are manufactured in an alkaline environment, which prevents the internal chemical deterioration (yellow and become brittle) of the paper overtime. The addition of calcium carbonate as a buffer is considered archival and also makes the paper resistant to the effects of natural aging.



Cotton Fibers 綿纖維

Cotton fibers is use from cotton linters: in cotton ginning process the longer fibers have been removed for use in fabric, left short fibers which cannot be used to make textiles.



Elemental Chlorine Free(ECF) 無元素氯氣漂白

Paper made from virgin or recycled fiber that is bleaching using alternative chlorine compounds such as Chlorine Dioxide as a substitute for Elemental Chlorine. This reduces the amount of harmful chlorine by-products such as dioxin.



Process Chlorine Free (PCF) 製造過程經無氯氣漂白

Paper made with fiber recycled form post-consumer waste and bleached with non-chlorine compounds, using alternatives such as ozone, oxygen, hydrogen peroxide to eliminate the production of dioxin.



Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) 用後廢料

Is material or product that has been discarded after completed as a consumer item, such as office waste paper, old magazines, old newspaper and so forth. PCW is a part of the broader category “more greenest recycled material”.



Pre-Consumer Waste 用前廢料

Is material or product, which left the paper mill but was discarded before it was ready for consumer use. Such as printers’ over-runs, converter’s scrap, and over-issue publications.



Recyclable 可循環再造
This means a material or product can be recycled to reuse in producing new product.


Recycled Paper 再造紙
That is a broad term with multiple variations. It can contain post-consumer and / or pre-consumer waste.
是一個廣泛用語和有多種變化,可以包含用後廢料和 / 或用前廢料。


Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) 全無氯氣漂白
Paper made from 100% virgin fiber (including alternative fiber from sources other than trees) that bleached with non-chlorine compounds. Similar to PCF, the different is TCF is no chlorine used in the process rather than PCF may be not totally chlorine free because the recycled fiber may or may not be chlorine free before recycled.




Tree-free Fibers 非樹木纖維

Any fiber sources other than wood. This includes crops grown, such as hemp and bamboo. Tree-free fibers are also derived from agricultural by-products such as sugarcane bagasse and cotton linters.



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