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Shin Tien Li Paper Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, and specializes in innovative, unique and diverse types of paper from leading manufacturers in Europe, America and Japan. Since our establishment, Shin Tien Li Paper has upheld our company philosophy of professionalism and integrity, and our dedication to serve our customers with enthusiasm. We insist on supplying only the best products to leaders of the printing and advertising design industries. We pay attention to our customers’ genuine needs and provide solutions to their problems, in order to help them enhance their competitiveness. We fully understand that only by integrating an integrity-based foundation with the concept of benefit-sharing, can we improve the entire supply chain to the greatest extent, and allow all companies in the industry to share the most benefits. Shin Tien Li Paper not only provides our partners with the products they need, but also extends a trusty friendship that we believe lays the foundation for sustainable management.

Company Philosophy

[Professionalism, Integrity, Service, Pursuit of Sustainability]
Green Environmental Conservation is the emerging trend for global industries and the right track for sustainable management. 

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